Last Day on Earth: Survival is another zombie apocalypse game where you’ll have to confront the walking dead. The main difficulty lies in the fact that they all are different and each of them is dangerous in their own unique way. Aside from zombies, there are also a few other types of enemies that will make your life even harder! Most of the enemies will stand on the map motionlessly and only a few of them will be moving, most often in your direction. Each of them will fight you in close combat. However, some of them are capable of performing a distant attack.

So what kind of foes can you face here?

  • Common zombies. There are usually 5-6 of them on each location. They move slowly and deliver minimum damage. Beware of mass attacks, though.
  • Crowd zombies. This type is similar to common zombies, but you can meet them just once a day when they pass by your house destroying everything in their way.
  • Toxic zombies. Run towards you and attack at an average speed. Aside from usual attack, they can also shower the area in front of them with acid.
  • Floater bloater. A giant zombie with a lot of health and hefty damage. It also has a special sit attack damaging any units in the set radius, including other enemies.
  • The Big One. You can meet it on 2+ levels. Has an immense amount of health and delivers 50 points of damage at a time. Despite his size, runs very fast and also can’t be killed from a mini gun.
  • Frenzied Giant. A big and devastating zombie capable of killing the player in one hit.
  • Runs and attacks fast, but doesn’t deliver a lot of damage.

After killing any type of enemy, you’ll receive a certain amount of resources that you can use to make things you need. Now that you know each foe’s strong and weak points, you’ll be able to consider it in your battle tactics. Hopefully, this guide will help you play Last Day on Earth more successfully!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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