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Last Day on Earth is a post-apocalypse MMORPG where all the players pursue just one goal: killing zombies and saving their own skin. The mortal disease has made the planet a lifeless area. Here the only person you can count on is you. Every meter of this wasteland is teeming with hungry monsters and you’ll need to fight you way through them. There are several kinds of zombies, some of them static and some moving towards you and attacking from the distance. Stay as far as you can from the boundaries and take down the foes before they get to you! But monsters aren’t the only hazard you will encounter. There are also wild enemies, hunger, cold and thirst that are even more dangerous than zombies. You need to keep an eye on your vital parameters and apply enough effort to search for food and provide yourself with a safe shelter.

Moreover, other players are out to finish you off as well! But don’t worry, there are still a couple of clans left where people help and support each other. And you can join one of them to simplify your quest. After all, shooting and killing monsters in tandem with other players is a much more efficient military strategy. Keep in touch with the members of your clan in the chat. If you like sandboxes, there is also something you’ll appreciate – a crafting system. Up your crafting and strategic skills and create mortal weapons to successfully resist the hungry zombies and other foes. But weapons aren’t the only thing you can make. Using resources left from the killed foes, you can create various instruments, equipment and other items to build a house, furnish it, cure yourself and do a lot of other things. Besides, there are plenty of new areas to research where you can find lavish resources and new types of weapons. Some of the objects can also be bought from merchants and for real money. Last Day On Earth is a wonderful MMORPG that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. With great visuals, balanced and diverse gameplay and community spirit, it has every chance to become your favorite!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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