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Tendencies come and go, but there are things that remain in fashion at all times. One of them is zombie apocalypse. The idea of a mortal decease hitting the human race and turning most of the people into the walking dead proved to be very popular among blockbuster producers and game makers. Last Day on Earth is one of their products. In this survival MMORPG you’ll take the role of a lonely zombie hunter exploring various locations and fighting other survivors just like you. At the same time, you’ll have to provide yourself with all kinds of resources necessary for leading a comfortable existence in a zombie-driven wasteland. For that, you’ll require not only strategic thinking, but also a wide set of combat and crafting skills. Here is how the entire process will unfold.

You’ll start off in the middle of nowhere, with just a basic set of resources to go with. First, you’ll have to craft a hatchet and a pickaxe to ensure a sufficient supply of food and materials for building a house that will become your shelter from wild animals and other players. While roaming the map, you’ll encounter other zombies. Some of them will be standing still and fight you only when you enter their attack range. Others will be moving towards you with varied speed. Killing zombies and collecting items will increase your experience and help you gain new levels. As you level up, your crafting abilities will grow allowing you to create ever more complicated items. You will be able to craft instruments, weapons, clothes, armor and other things required to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Note that you’ll also have to make sure you are supplied with food, water and aren’t cold. For that, you’ll need to build a garden bed where you will be able to grow vegetables and a campfire to cook food and keep yourself warm. Besides, you will also be able to hunt using the weapons you’ll create. Make sure to unlock a small box and a backpack as soon as possible to store various items and increase your carrying ability. Overall, Last Day on Earth is an amazing zombie survival game that you can play both alone and with friends! Create an account and set out on a dangerous adventure!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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