Last Day On Earth 2


Last Day on Earth 2 is not an easy game. You have to take care of many aspects and think strategically to succeed. Aside from simply fighting zombies and looking for supplies, you’ll also have to attend to crafting and build relationships with other players, whether hostile or friendly if you choose to join one of the game glans. That might be challenging for a beginner. Here are a few useful tips you might find handy:

Gain experience and level up

You’ll start the game with just basic equipment and weak parameters. To change the situation, you have to level up and level up fast. Experience points are awarded for gathering items and killing enemies. You will only be able to gain access to serious crafting when you’re level 10, so that has to be your priority.

Focus on gathering

Surviving requires a lot of items that you can create from materials scattered around. You will require lots of them, so it’ll be wiser to spend the first few days gathering rather than fighting. Make a Hatchet and Pickaxe for that purpose and set off.

Look out for Points of Interest

Time and again you will spot a Point of Interest on the map. That means there is something very important happening there. By getting there in time, you can hope for lavish rewards. However, note that Points of Interest won’t last for long, so head there as fast as possible.

Unlock a backpack

You can only store a few items in your inventory, but you can increase your carrying ability by unlocking the basic backpack that has eight more cells to fill. Try to find the recipe and craft a backpack as early as you can.

Build a shelter

From the very start, building a home should be one of your primary tasks. A 3×3 lodgment will do at the beginning. The basic furniture you have to craft includes a small box for storage, a camp fire to cook meals and a garden bed to grow it.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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