If you are longing for a true adventure, welcome to a hardcore post-apocalyptic game called Last Day on Earth with hacks! Here you are about to play the part of a survivor roaming through zombie-ridden locations. The game offers a pretty interesting set of possibilities, including bunker vault raids, crafting system, PVP and plenty of other stuff. All that is coupled with great graphics and smooth gameplay. If you are looking for a zombie survival game on mobile, this is the first game to check out. Abandoned in the middle of a wasteland, you’ll have to seek food and shelter constantly fighting off zombie attacks. Although most zombies in the game are static, you’ll still have to go past them to get to the point you need. Some also attack you on the run and some can attack from the distance, so look out! Each zombie type has a set amount of health, speed and damage points. After killing a zombie, you’ll receive a certain set of resources that can be used to craft different items. This way, you can provide yourself with clothes, weapons and other items you require for survival. You can also purchase things you lack from a merchant. Set off for a dangerous and challenging trip through a land full of mortal enemies and see whether you are capable of surviving in conditions like this!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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