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The Last Day on Earth has finally launched and the only thing you have to do here is surviving. Don’t think that it’s going to be too easy! Aside from zombies and wild animals, you’ll also have to combat other players because here it’s every man for himself. However, knowing some strategy tricks will help you last much longer!

  1. Devote the first few days to scavenging

Don’t hurry into the fight from the very start. First, you need to build a safe base for you to survive. So it’s more reasonable to spend the beginning of the game gathering resources. That won’t only provide you with everything you need to keep up your vital parameters and build a house, but also give you a certain amount of experience points every time you find something.

  1. Craft the basic things you need for your home

You dwelling doesn’t necessarily have to be large, but the minimum it needs is the floor and the walls. Once you have them, you can proceed unlocking the garden, campfire and box for storing items.

  1. Explore as many locations as possible

There are plenty of interesting locations on the map where you can find additional resources and rare equipment. Each area has an indicator that shows how many materials you can find there. But note that you’ll also meet tougher enemies on high density locations.

  1. Use different combat styles

To succeed, you’ll have to fight efficiently delivering as much damage as possible while suffering minimum injuries. The basic battle choice is melee weapons. They aren’t as safe as guns, but they are quiet and won’t alert other enemies in the area. Sneak attacks are best for almost any type of encounter. Though you’ll be moving slower, you’ll also be tougher to detect.

  1. Level up fast!

Get experience by gathering resources and killing zombies and try to get to a new level as quickly as possible. The reason is that most of the things you need are craftable only at level 10 or more. For instance, armor which is hard to find anywhere else and can be really helpful in battles.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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