Alpha Bunker


Imagine a scenario many sci-fi and comics writers have long been warning us about. The earth suffered a zombie apocalypse! An unknown virus has swept over the planet turning people into zombies. Some managed to escape that fate, but how better off are they roaming the wasted cities, scavenging for supplies and constantly fighting off the attacks of the walking dead? You are about to find out! Last Day on Earth will put you in a hostile environment where everyone is your enemy. You’ll have to combat not only zombies, but also other survivors. After all, there is a limited amount of resources left to collect and another person you come across may just be carrying what you need. However, if you’d rather collaborate, you can always join one of the clans and get support from its members.

Aside from exploring various locations, killing enemies and making sure you have all the basic resources at hand, you’ll be able to craft a wide assortment of stuff from weapons to items of comfort for your home. Crafting opportunities become available as you level up. Using various kinds of materials you gather, you can create melee weapons, guns, building instruments, armor, clothes and much more. The game also supports various fighting modes. You can attack the foe openly, use stealth or shoot them from a safe distance. Note, however, that the noise will likely attract other enemies in the area, so always think and weigh your options before taking any important decision!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, Shoot

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