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Last Day on Earth Survival game play online

Zombies… This theme will never get out of fashion. And Last Day on Earth is no exception. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a zombie-driven city after an unknown virus swept over the earth turning it into a wasteland full of ruins and hungry monsters. In this hostile environment, you’ll have to do everything in your power to survive. Enemies will wait for you every step of the way and there will also be other players competing with you for resources. It’s up to you to decide where to fight or join them! Are you ready to set out on the most dangerous adventure in your life?

Starting off

The game will start like most sandboxes. Your character will spawn at a certain point of the map with minimum resources to begin with. Here you are about to build your camp. Moving around, you’ll find various materials that can be used to craft other, more complicated things. However, your crafting ability won’t be very impressive at first. But, as you level up, you’ll be able to use a wide range of crafting equipment and create more stuff.

Levels are gained for collecting items and killing enemies. Those will be represented by zombies, wild animals and hostile players. When you kill a foe, you’ll be able to loot a certain set of resources and items from their body. In your home, craft a box to store the collected stuff and make sure to unlock a backpack as soon as possible to increase your carrying ability.

Types of enemies

Zombies in the game differ by their characteristics and type of attack. There are static enemies that are waiting for you in a certain point of the map and don’t attack until you come near, but there are also foes that are moving in your direction with a certain speed. Depending on the kind of zombie you encountered, you can use various combat tactics. The safest way to go is melee weapons. While you are about to injure some damage in a fight, you aren’t going to make a lot of noise like when using guns. And though guns are effective when you need to shoot enemies at a distance, keep in mind that they will attract other foes from the nearby area.

Explore and craft

The gameplay of Last Day on Earth is very versatile. There are plenty of locations to explore. The areas differ by color and have an indicator showing how many resources and items you can find there and how many enemies you can encounter. Until you gain a sufficient level and equip yourself with a hefty number of cool things, keep away from densely populated areas. Other players’ camps can also include a wide range of materials, so don’t forget to check them if you come across any on your way.

The crafting system is also very diverse. Resources found in the neighborhood, looted from the killed enemies and grown in your garden bed can be combined in a variety of ways to create a broad assortment of items from instruments to clothes. Note that you can only put two crafting stations of each type in your home, though.

Surviving in the wasteland

Finally, you can’t forget about your basic life parameters. You’ll have to constantly keep an eye on your hunger and thirst level. This is vitally important for you to survive. If you forget to supply yourself with enough water, for instance, you’ll die in three days! Food can be grown in a garden bed or you can obtain it by hunting and then cooking on the campfire that will also keep you from getting cold.

Last Day on Earth is a thrilling, graphically rich game that will keep you occupied for hours! On our site, you will also find plenty of tips and cheats you will definitely find helpful!